Camera & Screen Recorder, Live Streaming, Video Editing

Software helps in recording your videos with camera and screen as well as facilitates live streaming. You can edit your videos professionally with minimal efforts. Your videos are compressed without affecting quality.

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Supported on computers with Windows 7 and above, macOs 10.11 and above.

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Product Features

Record, Live Stream, Edit videos Your Way

HiFi Recorder Product Feature 1 - Record camera and screen together

One Stop Recorder Solution

One Stop Solution where you can combine or individually record camera and screen recording with the option to edit the final output file

HiFi Recorder Product Feature 2 - YouTube Live Streaming

YouTube Live Stream

Directly interact with your audience through YouTube live stream feature of our software

HiFi Recorder Product Feature 3 - Facebook Live Streaming

Facebook Live Stream

Directly interact with your audience through Facebook live stream feature of our software

HiFi Recorder Product Feature 4 - Chroma Background which removes green screen from camera background

Chroma Background - Green Screen removal

Chroma background removal - Remove your green screen background from camera.

HiFi Recorder Product Feature 5 - Edit video size, add background images to video, specify video location, add logo, add scrolling text and adjust brightness.

Video Editing

Allows to customize video size, add background images to video, specify video location, add logo, add scrolling text and adjust brightness.

HiFi Recorder Product Feature 6 - Digital Whiteboard to draw, write and highlight text

Digital Whiteboard

Will act as a notebook on which you can draw, write, highlight text and add files.

HiFi Recorder Product Feature 7 - Can use external camera like DSLR, Mobile phone

External Camera like DSLR, Mobile phone, etc

You can use external camera of mobiles or professional cameras like DSLR, etc.

HiFi Recorder Product Feature 8 - Cut and Merge Videos

Cutter and Joiner

Can cut a video into various parts and join them to discard unproductive/unwanted parts in the video.

HiFi Recorder Product Feature 9 - Cross Platform app which supports Windows and Mac OS

Cross Platform

Product support both windows as well as macOS.

HiFi Recorder Product Feature 10 - Automatic Video Compression

Video Compression

Final output video is compressed to 50% of original size without affecting quality.

HiFi Recorder Product Feature 11 - Process Videos Fast

Performance - User Centric

Faster processing of videos with output in user desired format like 1080p, 720p, etc.

HiFi Recorder Product Feature 12 - Easy Customer Support

24/7 Support

24/7 technical support to cater to your need.

Product Overview

Recorder is easy to use software which facilitates multiple modes of recording, Live Streaming to YouTube, FaceBook as well as editor to edit the recorded videos and default settings to save time in re-editing same activities again and again.

You can choose to record the way you need.

You can choose multiple modes to record your videos, and switch easily between different modes. Modes available:

“Record Camera and Screen Together”
“Record Only Camera”
“Record Only Screen”
“Switch between different modes in real time”
HiFi Recording Modes

Live Streaming on YouTube & Facebook

“Edit the video first before going live, the way you love it”
“YouTube Live stream with your audience in a few clicks”
“Facebook Live stream with your audience in a few clicks”
Free Mini Video Editor

Our Editor helps to seamlessly edit your videos

“Green Screen removal from camera”
“Apply Background image and logo to video”
“Crop/Resize/Move camera or screen to desired location in the video”
“Add scrolling text and adjust brightness”
Hifi Video Editor

Create Templates to reuse in editing

It helps to create templates which helps in reducing time to edit your videos.

“Create multiple templates to be used for different videos”
“Set default location, resize or crop camera and screen in various modes to use in final videos ”
“Apply default background image, logo and scrolling text to be used for all videos”
Add templates to minimize editing
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How Recorder Works

Recorder is easy to use software which helps its user to create elegant videos without much efforts.
  1. 1

    Select your preferred recording mode and start recording

    Open the recorder, select recording mode and start recording using play button or shortcut "ctrl+1"

  2. 2

    Stop recorder and Edit your video

    Stop the recording using "ctrl+3" and start editing video like remove background for camera using transparency, add background image and logo, crop screen or camera, change position of camera and screen, etc

  3. 3

    Finally process the video and get it in required form

    Press process now to process video which we also apply compression to your video without affecting quality and give you ready to use video.

Who can use our recorder

Anyone who wishes to create their videos using camera and screen with easy to use solution and require basic editing.

Institutes, teachers and students who wish to create videos for lectures, seminars or record classroom videos.
You can use recorder to create video to post on YouTube. Videos of your hobbies like gaming, cooking lectures, or any other personal videos for which you require recording.
Record any professional lectures or videos which can used to post on your site, presentation, etc.

Getting Started !!

Recorder's aim is to reach its user at affordable prices with flexibility to choose your plan.

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    Unlimited duration for recorded videos
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    Free editor embedded in recorder
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Below are the frequently asked questions about recorder to us
Download the recorder exe from our site. Install the recorder using instruction when you double click the recorder exe. Start using recorder.
We have created tutorials and documentation which will help you understanding the usage of product
We do provide customer support at nominal cost as well
Contact us to avail customer support to get all help you need
There is no restriction on the number of minutes you can record in a single video. There is also no restriction on the number of videos you record using the software.
You don't need an internet connection to use the software. It works offline.
Yes we also edit your videos if you just want to focus on recording and conducting lectures.
Contact us for pricing.
Yes, we can customize a feature and add in recorder as per your need.
Contact us to know the cost and time.
Still have unanswered questions? Get in touch